Conservative Green Initiative (CGI)


Greatly praised as one of the few remaining Civil Rights Leaders of our time, Jessie Turner has been widely acclaimed as one of America’s Premiere Internet Talk Show Host and Political Satirist. But those who know Jessie best, know that not only does he have a great patriotic love of his country, he also has a great love for this planet which we all have a responsibility to protect.

Being a lifelong Conservative and Capitalist, Jessie has always felt that taking responsibility for our planet and our environment is not mutually exclusive to having conservative principles.

An ardent supporter of Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign and Presidency, Jessie along with millions of like-minded capitalist and environmentally conscious Conservatives, feel it’s time for the Republican Party to seized the day and take the reins of the environmental movement away from the globalist New World Order, who care more about promoting a worldwide socialist ideology than they do about coming up with common sense solutions to environmental changes made from the impact of man on our planet.

With a Republican held House and Senate and President Trump in the White house, the Conservative Green Movement is now in a position to truly make our planet a better place for us and future generations to come. The world is truly in our hands.

We encourage you to join Jessie Turner and millions of Conservatives and Millennials in what is surely a large part of what will determine the future of the Republican Party, by donating to or just supporting in any way you can The Conservative Green Initiative.

Yours Truly,

Jessie Turner
President & Founder